Xtreme Productivity

Xtreme Productivity is a leader in innovative IT solutions and services, specialising in the not-for-profit and charitable sector. We are passionate about making IT accessible and affordable for all organisations. We are continually pushing the boundaries of technology, developing unique solutions for our clients so that they can better meet their organisational goals. We specialise in the Microsoft product range, and only work with technology we are confident with and use ourselves.

Our vision is to make technology an enabler for all organisations. Our current clients range from small charities through to large Non-Governmental Organisations.


TechSoup and Connecting Up equip changemakers with transformative technology so that they can better achieve their organisational goals. Through the power of utilising generously provided grants by Microsoft's Philanthropic Program, we are the second step in ensuring these grants are not gone to waste, but instead - turned into powerful and resourceful solutions.

Connecting Up is a member of the TechSoup Global Network. All partners are leading civil society organisations and manage a range of capacity building programs in their countries. In addition, they tailor TechSoup’s programs to the needs of their local civil society and contribute back to the Global Network’s expertise. Together, they have reached 650,000 organisations with the tools they need to improve lives and have delivered more than US$5billion in technology tools and philanthropic services. 


With almost 10 years of successful operation in the not-for-profit sector, we understand the struggle and limitations of being charitably funded. Our extensive knowledge in the sector allows us to deliver tailored, business specific solutions taking into account all budget limitations and constraints. 

Use our knowledge and relationship to transform your business into a technological ecosystem, enabled for the digital future. 


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