IT & End User Support

We provide support throughout your entire technology stack, from hardware and software, to networking and communication systems such as Skype for Business. We also provide proactive maintenance, and will actively monitor all your systems and hardware to allow you to focus on your cause, rather than technical dilemma's.

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XP IT Support

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

The cloud is where your business can become virtually independant. We specialise in creating a technological ecosystem in the Cloud, allowing you to access your work from the tip of your fingers. 

Microsoft's georedundant services ensures your data is kept safe and secure with an uptime of 99.9%, as one of the world's largest Cloud infrastructure and service providers.

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CRM Implementations

Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) are a critical ingredient in delivering exceptional customer service, creating long-term relationships based on knowledge and trust.  We custom build CRM's to create a focal point to store details of every engagement; which in turn - provides crucial business intelligence helping to further shape the segmentation of customer profiles to market better. Business process automation will allow you to focus on the management and execution of service, rather than the tedious task of internal processing, ultimately reducing human interaction errors.

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XP CRM Solutions

XP Cloud Technology

Digital Solutions

Enable your organisation to the latest in technology. Create areas of efficiency and productivity through our team of experienced developers. We work alongside you every step of the way to ensure what we deliver is effective and driven towards your cause. From custom built databases to websites, our full knowledge span across all areas of IT will revolutionize your organisation.